Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beet green salads

A few very simple ideas for using those beet greens from the garden.

First, we love them raw in a salad, just like you'd use lettuce or spinach. The young, smaller greens are better to eat raw since the older, larger leaves can be a bit bitter and more tough. On this night we mixed the greens with a basic vinegarette (two parts olive oil, one part vinegar, garlic clove minced, salt, a touch of dijon mustard), some onion slices and walnuts.

Steamed beet greens are an excellent way of preparing the older, larger leaves. After they become tender, add a splash of vinegar, lemon juice and salt for a very fresh dish.


  1. Hi Adele -
    This is not a food related question but we discovered this blog while searching the web. We are curious to know if you are the same Adele that performed as Jade at a music festival in Brunswick many moons ago? If so, we wanted you to know that we have enjoyed your CD immensely over the years! Do you have more music available? Or do you have plans to perform anytime soon ? Hoping to see you at a venue in the future.
    Two Maine Fans - Noel & Verge

  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for the message. I haven't kept up with this blog for many months, but I am indeed the same Adele from Jade. Glad you enjoy the music! No new CDs lately, but still playing out a bit north of Boston. I'm somewhat of a Mainer in exile these days...looking forward to getting back to the promise land.